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Here's a little quiz you can take to see how well suited your business or products are for online marketing. We call this the Million Dollar Idea Test. Answer Yes or No to the following questions, and total your "Yes" responses.

  1. Does your product, service, or opportunity appeal to Computer Users?
  2. Does it appeal to people with above-average education?
  3. Does it appeal to people with above-average incomes?
  4. Is it available in very limited supply?
  5. Can it be delivered electronically or very inexpensively?
  6. Does it have International appeal?
  7. Is it travel-related?
  8. Does it appeal to a highly specialized niche?
  9. Would someone buy your product without having to try it on or see it first?
  10. Is it conducive to an impulse buying decision?
  11. Does the price of your product change frequently?
  12. Can you offer a better price or better service than traditional outlets?
  13. Is your company or brand well-known by your target market?
  14. Does the product already have a record of sales success in another medium?
  15. Is the product consumable?
  16. Is the product information-based?

12 - 16 Great potential for success.
8 - 11 Good potential for success.
4 - 7 Don't expect too much without lots of work.
0 - 3 Pick an objective other than online sales.


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