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HumanClick Overview

What does a customer do when they want to talk to a live person about information on your web site when the only phone they have is in use providing the Internet connection? You can serve this customer and place yourself at the head of the class for only $89.50 a month by using the Human Click service. If you want to staff a full scale customer service or help desk consider eShare. For less ambitious customer interaction Human Click is a great buy for a smaller company.

HumanClick, a wholly owned subsidiary of LivePerson, is the leading customer service application over the Internet facilitating Live, 24/7 Interactive Sales and Customer Support.

HumanClick gives your web site visitors immediate, real-time on-demand help and enables web site owners to track and communicate with visitors to your site. HumanClick, an Application Service Provider (ASP), enables its clients to increase sales, improve customer service and reduce costs in 11 different languages in more than 60 countries all over the world.

Human Click is designed as an independent service so that you won't have to install or run any software on your server. Therefore your site can be hosted with any site hosting services provider.

Site operator(s)
Once you are registered as an operator, HumanClick will be activated every time you connect to the Internet. By default, the HumanClick application is minimized and provides you with an audio/visual alert as visitors browse into your site or when they ask to chat with you. Using the operator window you get a real-time view of visitors' profiles, including information such as their host name, pages viewed, length of visit, etc. At any point during a customer's visit to your site you may, in one click, open a chat request on the visitor's screen and offer him assistance.

Visitors to a HumanClick enabled web site initiate a chat request by clicking on a button such as this one. The button is embedded in your site's web pages during the installation of HumanClick. Upon clicking this button, a chat window opens on the visitor's browser, and the site operator will receive a "request to chat" alert.


In some cases the site operator may want to be proactive and offer assistance to a visitor in your site. In this case the visitor will see a pop-up screen letting him know that there is someone on-line waiting to assist him.

HumanClick Service / Product Benefits Chart*

  Chat and Site Monitoring Capability
  Chat in Email Signature Capability
  Customizable Chat Buttons and Message Windows
  Chat Transcript and Caller History Data Storage
  Push Pages, HTML and Preformatted Response Capability
  Support Multiple Languages for User Interface Messages
  Administration Area to set up additional operators, access privileges, survey development
  Operator Survey Capability to categorize Chats
  Customer Survey Capabilities - pre and post chat
  Operator Chat Transfer - within Operator Groups
  Online Performance Reporting Capability
  SSL Security
  Interactive FAQ / Knowledgebase for Customer Self Service
  Email message management center with email routing and auto response notification
  Searchable Brochure / Document Library
  Contact Management
  Wireless Lead Alerts
Custom Pricing

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