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eshare NetAgentT 4.0

If you have a call center this is a solution you cannot overlook.

Intelligent Customer Interactions

The Internet floodgates have opened and there is no turning back! More and more Web users are sending e-mail messages to their vendors asking for product status information. All the recent surveys increasingly admonish e-commerce sites that customers want online and live customer service. To address these needs, eshare brings you a complete line of customer relationship management solutions specially designed for your Internet sites and e-commerce.

Enhance communication between you and your Web site visitors, whether they rely on e-mail or real-time interaction to communicate with you, by using eshare NetAgent. As critical components of any e-commerce application, eshare NetAgent and eshare Re:sponse maximize online revenues, improve service levels, and earn customer loyalty, all while reducing the costs of managing your total customer service solution.


By enabling organizations to manage customers who prefer to use text chat or phone calls to communicate with their vendors, eshare NetAgent helps companies:

  • Gain New Customers: Provide live interaction with sales agents and use both chat and voice to close the sale.
  • Increase Revenues: Quickly deliver prices, files and order forms to customers in real time and automatically track Web visitors. Agents can also offer assistance based on individualized criteria.
  • Increase Service Levels And Customer Satisfaction: Engage Web site visitors in real time and answer questions immediately.
  • Cross-sell And Retain Customers: Enhance the "on-hold" experience with scripted messages or informational slide shows. Routing rules automatically provide cross-selling information to screens the agent is viewing.
  • Reduce Selling And Support Costs: Reduce phone toll charges by encouraging "free" text chat interactions with customers.
  • Features Unified and Consistent Agent Interface: NetAgent provides the agent with one user interface for e-mail, live chat and voice calls, regardless of the type of customer interaction.
  • Multiple Text Sessions Simultaneously: Phone agents can only handle one call at a time. Agent productivity jumps because with NetAgent they can handle multiple sessions.
  • Skills-Based Routing: Route interaction requests to a particular agent with the skills to handle the subject area in question.
  • Info-On-Hold: Push rolling presentations to customers - while they wait to be connected with an agent.
  • Agent-To-Agent Transfer: Transfer an active session to another agent or back to another service line or to other enterprises.
  • Collaboration: Agents may collaborate with Web site visitors and assist in filling out Web forms.
  • Unified Customer History: All customer interactions are logged for easy recall during subsequent visitor sessions.

Typical companies conducting e-business or operating established bricks-and-mortar call centers find customers increasingly willing to communicate using text chat in addition to phone calls. eshare NetAgent ensures that multiple communication methods are handled promptly and accurately.

Call us TODAY for a demo of this powerful software in your business setting. 888-799-2208

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